Fully sound-proof standalone purpose-built Esmono voiceover studio

The classic Neumann TLM103, together with the Rode NT2A and the “USA favorite” the Sennheiser 416

The mighty Avalon 737 SP Valve Amplifier feeding into the industry workhorse Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

Studio monitoring via industry standard Beyer DT150 and Sennheiser HD280 pro headphones and Tannoy Reveal 601a monitors

Avid Protools 10, giving me the ability to voice to video and seamlessly link into Skype and the outside world, with the added depths of the glorious Sonnox plugins

ISDN connections worldwide via Musicam Prima LT & Audio TX (offering MPEG2, MPEG3, G722, G711, APT & APTx) as well as AudioTX, SourceConnect & IP DTL as VoIP

As well the ISDN facility to connect two studios together, I also offer a number of ways to “dial & direct”. You can call me up in the studio via Skype, Landline & Mobile/Cellphone to listen and direct the recording session down the line. Your finished sound files will be downloadable in minutes, exactly how you wanted them to sound. For all the many ways to contact me see the Contacts page

No, it’s not a typo! I work out of the same voiceover studio as the lovely dulcet tones of British MVO Piers Gibbon – in case you need a male voice, or even both male and female voices for your project
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